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Management Information System
Human resources
  We have a young,energetic,pioneering,richly experienced and specialized contingent of managerial manager together with perfect administration system,which ensure constant heightening of quality and quantity.
Operation strategy
  Seize on every business opportunity,meet customers' needs,accommodate ourselves to the market,perfect after sales service,and strive for a leading position amidst market competition.
Technical investment
  We have make technical training to the workers periodical,invests much in information technology,and introduces a number of automatic equipment.Automated production,e-business and computerized office are achieved.laboratory is set up,technical professionals are trained.
Research & development
  Research & development is the critical work for everlasting operation in our enterprise.We also take effect to unceasing introduction of new technology with high efficiency equipment and development of high value-added new products.
  When you find difficult to choose the packing product in the market.Maybe our product is not your only choose. But we do our best to become your best packing supplier because we are one of biggest bag manufacturer in china. Therefore we can be more elasticity to co-operative with you. Changfeng packing series will be your only choose because :
Best quality
Best market price
Best production
Best management
Best after sales services
Best customer relationship
Best packing style
Best of the best
  Production Equipment
  To serve customers and meet market demand,we time to time develop and purchases efficient automatic equipment and pays great effort to increase workers'quality. For the reason to serve customers with complete product series,high quality product with reasonable price and quick delivery.We take effect to improve the latest production technology and management.
  Quality assurance
 Our production are strictly following standards of China,ISO-9002 quality control system,our policy are "Customer first,all workers'participation in quality control".A quality insurance department is directly responsible to the general manager.Unacceptable material and semi-finished product are not allowed to go to the next work step.Unacceptable finished product is not permitted to enter the storehouse and go out of the factory.Quality standards are executed at each and every working step in order to achieve zero defect purpose.  We have advanced inspection equipment like melt index tester,tensile tester,fall down test machine etc.Therefore , we can guarantee quality of products going out of the factory to meet the customer' strictest.."Intensify Quality Control at all level,Everyone being a quality inspector" is the essence of quality control in Changfeng.Strict quality control leads to excellent high quality products.
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